Falsh movie freaking out when published

Using Presenter 9, Windows 7, PPT2012

Created a flash movie using captivate 6. Published it as flash 9 (also tried flash 10) Plublish swf plays fine. When inserting it, use the preview and it plays fine. Insert it to open in a new window 4 seconds into the slide, with no browser controls. I publish the articulate, the slide plays for 4 seconds, a new window opens and the flash movie just goes crazy (doesn't play, doesn't load, opening and closing captivate logo screen)

How can I get this seemingly normal playing swf, to play once published??


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Steve Flowers

Hi, Rob - 

Captivate 6 publishes to AS3. The current version of Presenter only supports AS2. If you see crazy frame looping, there's a good chance that the script isn't running correctly. The leading causes for this are 1) an error in the script or 2) a mismatch between the root SWF and the loaded SWF ActionScript versions. In your case, it's the latter. 

You can get around this by inserting the Captivate movie (published with an HTML container) as a Web Object.

Rob Phelps

Thanks Steve, I have been trying that. I publish the captivate with the HTML 5 option, and insert into articulate as a web object to open in a new window. The problem I'm having now, is the audio was fine as a swf, but as a web object it is barley audible. Any clues on how to fix this?

Thanks, Rob

Do you know of any plans for Preenter 9 to be patched to AS3?