Fatal error has occurrred, communication with the server has been lost


We have localized the source build in  AR, but in the quiz part when we go through some quiz a error pop is give as "Fatal error has occurred, communication with the server has been lost." Here the build is up to the SCORM and the publish setting is LMS scorm 1.2.

Can you please give us the suggestion how this issue can be resolved. Please see the attached screenshot for reference.

Thanks & Regards,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Pratik,

Well it looks like you're testing this in SCORM Cloud, so we can rule out the possibility of this being an LMS-specific issue.  The next step I would suggest is sharing your file with our engineers so they can look around in the file a little to troubleshoot. If you do decide to share it with our engineers, you can let me know the case number here and I'll be sure to follow along with it as well!

Mark Shepherd

Hi Pratik:

Two possibilities come to mind here:

1. There may be an issue with ONE or TWO specific Quiz Slides in your Project.

You may want to test your Quiz and see how well it works for you locally using Preview Mode

While it's not the same thing as doing it live, it can at least give you some idea how well it works by how far you get and what details you see on a Quiz Results Slide.

If you haven't built a Quiz Results Slide, you may want to add that so you can better test these details. 

Even if you don't use it in your live version of the course, it can save a lot of time.

Most developers typically will want to take advantage of its explicit score tracking and course completion features when sending results of the course to the LMS on the back end using the Reporting and Tracking feature found in the LMS Tab of the Storyline Publish option.

2. It may just be a one-shot/one-time Internet connection/connectivity issue.

I've seen your exact error pop up once or twice when doing Scorm Cloud testing. 

Further investigation on my end revealed that it was Internet Connection issues, such as a temporary loss of the connection, or more likely, a network connection reset, that likely caused the error in question. 

Perhaps this is also the case with your project, and likely is just an isolated one-time event.

Hope this helps!