Feedback by Choice - Not Updating in Articulate

I work with a team of designers and we used a common "template module" to set up a series of knowledge checks (module plus quiz).  Initially these knowledge checks had the same sets of questions and answers in the quizzes, but as our project developed we have updated the questions to meet the needs of each of our unique audiences.

Twice now (for two different designers), we have encountered an issue when trying to update a question that has "feedback by choice."  If you designate a different choice as the "correct answer" in the form view, it doesn't seem to update in any other way (the layer still says incorrect, etc).

The obvious solution is to delete the old question and replace.   However, we often need to make three different versions of the same module with unique quizzes (updated multiple times) so it would be great if we could just update the question.

Any ideas?

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Kelly Radzik

Hi Ashley,

Perhaps we are talking about different views?  I just did a test and created a brand new question in the quiz (see attachment).  I did not update the slide view at all - and the feedback layer designates one choice as correct. 

That is the issue we are seeing - once the question has a layer designated as correct, it doesn't seem to update if you change it (A was correct but now B is correct).




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kelly,

Can you share your quiz file with us here? The layer is labeled based on the choice as you've written, but from that it's difficult to tell that you've changed the correct choice. You can upload the .quiz file here using the "add attachment" button or you could also send it along privately to our support team.