Few Slide names not reflected in Index after publishing using Articulate presenter ver 13


For few slides, after publishing the ppt content and during preview of same, I noticed in the Index, that for few slides the slide titles are not printed and instead it is appearing as Slide 12, slide 25 etc.

While it has worked for most of the slides, only in few this problem was noticed.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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Dave Neuweiler

Hello Sarosh ... I've seen that before. Presented gets the slide titles from the title field in the PowerPoint slide master; if you've inadvertently typed the slide title in a different field, all you'll get in the navigation pane (or index) is the slide number.

So in PowerPoint, go to one of the troubled slides and check which slide layout is being used. And you can change the slide layout to see if a new field appears that says, "Click to add title" in addition to the title field you already have on-screen.

If you see that, just copy and paste the old title text into the "click to add title" field, and you should be good-to-go.

I hope that helps!