file created locally upon completion?

Nov 01, 2011

If I have a module set to be marked as "complete" in an LMS upon successful completion of a final quiz, is there any file created locally or is the info only sent to the LMS?

Also, is there any way to verify the connection between the module and the LMS is still active upon completion or does the module fire off the information regardless?

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Ken!

For the first part of your question, no, none of the data will be saved locally. It will be sent to your LMS, and your LMS will determine how that data is shared.

And for the second part of your question, you can watch communication occur via a debug log:

Tools like http Analyzer are also good for watching what's happening between browser and server.

Is that helpful?

Ken Cobbley

Thanks Peter. That is helpful information.

With regard to verifying a connection to the LMS - If for some reason, connection to the LMS is lost during a course, would there be any way for a regular user (someone that wouldn't be running a tool like http analyzer) to know that connection wasn't working when they finished other than checking their status in the LMS? I guess my real question is - does the course try to send completion info to the LMS even if the connection has been lost?

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