File Management - I can't find my file to update it


I am terrible at file management.

I am using Articulate Studio '13.  I am trying to update a presentation on just one slide.  I have not accessed PPT files for nearly 6 months.  My problem is that I cannot find the files on my computer.  Is there any best practices on how to find the files so I can update them?

Any ideas you have are greatly appreciated

Greg Williams

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Greg -- So sorry to hear your misplaced your file; that is never fun. You could search for the file using the Computer panel from your start menu, or if you haven't worked in PowerPoint a lot over the past few months, perhaps it still in the Recent column when you open PowerPoint. As far as just the published output, unless you specifically saved it elsewhere, the default folder for that is Documents/My Articulate Files. Otherwise, hopefully some members of the community will chime in with other ideas to help you locate it.