File Name too long to post on SharePoint

Sep 08, 2014

When I publish, I keep getting files names that are too long to be posted on our Sharepoint site. Is there any way to keep this from happening?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rebecca and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

The file name will include all of the folder names as well, it is the whole path. Could you try adding it to a folder in the root of drive?

Here is some additional information:

Be sure the file paths to your Articulate Presenter presentation and your publish location are well under the 260-character limit imposed by Microsoft Windows.

Also, avoid using special characters, accents, or symbols in file paths and file names. You can find more information about naming files and paths in Windows operating systems in this Microsoft article.

rebecca McClellan

No matter where the file is located, when I publish it, the software creates .swf files that have names like this "6AMtWKme2kJ_5bKRpLkSVma_80_P_17_159_1154_531_DX1296_DY1296.swf" for several screenprints. SharePoint will let not allow me to load them. SharePoint does accept all of the other .swf files (e.g. 5vSy6PJHYAL_5d6UPQBvN5x_80_DX1440_DY1440.swf).

When I run the presentation on the SharePoint site without these files, the slides are there with the audio but the screenshots aren't.

I don't understand why those slides have a 2nd swf file nor what the extra characters in the fle name are.

Nelson Diaz

Which SharePoint version are you using? We use SharePoint 2010 and it allows us to upload SWF files with file name lengths of up to 128 characters. The file name you provided as an example is 62 characters long. If your effective file path length is under 256 characters, I would check with your SharePoint administrator to see if they have applied additional file restrictions.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alexander,

There isn't a way to change the overall file structure and naming conventions of Storyline's published output. I would recommend looking at your project title which is included in the published outputs name and shortening that and ensuring you're publishing to a local drive - and perhaps at the top level of all your folders to lessen the amount of characters included.  

Michele Brooks

I have to say that any advice to simply shorten the project title falls well short of the actual issue.  You can see from Rebecca's post above, that Storyline is creating super long file names for images and other things.  We are finding file names of at least 20 characters (no, I'm not going to take the time to count them! I counted 10 and then extrapolated.) I might have an image that is named "pg1" but publishing the course turns it into something gargantuan in length.  This is preventing my imported Engage interaction from displaying necessary images when the file is published.

And, while I appreciate the advice to use the long path tool, that isn't realistic in the controlled environment in which I work.  At this point, I'm losing about 15 hours to having to replace the Engage interaction with something I'll cobble together in Storyline instead.

Here's what our technical ID had to say, "The source file names (that are auto-assigned) are too long, and after Articulate embeds the photos in Engage, it adds additional length to the .swf file name. Then, when you embed the Engage interaction into Storyline, it adds more length to the URL and the location becomes too long to access and breaks down entirely. This not only affects the objects (photos) but the interaction itself (swf files). Which explains why the interaction acts a little wonky, too."

I'm attaching screen shots so you can see what we're talking about.


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