File paths to interactions and quizzes

A consultant created a large elearning course for us that spans many days of learning. The consultant created around 200 interactions and quizzes as part of the course and delivered it to us in a series of zip files.

Now that we have extracted all the files we see that the interaction and quiz files cannot be edited because the interaction and quiz files cannot be found. 

Is there a better/easier solution to fixing the broken links to these files than attempting to edit and then locating each interaction and quiz file? 

Can I duplicate the path the consultant used on my own computer and unpack the files there? 

Is this same thing going to happen if I manage to locate all these external files and then have to move the files at a later time? 

Are there any best practices that we should use to prevent this from happening each time we get files from a consultant?



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Dwayne Schamp

Hi Gordon,

One way to keep this from happening is before moving, use the Save and Send option, then chose Articulate Package. This will package all the quizzes and engage files along with the ppt(x) and PPTA file into one zip file. Unzipping this file in a new location will keep all of paths and links to the associated files.