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Nancy Woinoski

Sure can.  Articulate created a special application that users can download from the Apple store to run on their iPads (this is the mobile player option).  In order to use this application to view your courses users a) have to download the application to their iPad and b) you have to publish your course using the mobile player option.  Not everyone wants to use the application for reasons I won't get into here. The Flash (html) version will not run on the iPad so there is an html5 option. The html5 option allows users to play the course using the web browser on their iPad.

The html5 option would also be the one you would use to play the course on other mobile devices such as Android devices or Apple iPhones ( although Articulate does not support these devices at the moment so it is a bit hit or miss as to how well your course will run on them.

Carol Witkiss

Hi Nancy, thanks for the info and sorry for my late reply! So to clarify: if you publish using the html option users can play the courses on both ipads, iphonesand other mobile devices?
The Articulate Mobile Player for ipad option - that is only for the Articulate Mobile Player??? Other ipad players can use html?

Sorry if you've answered this above, just want to make sure I've got my head around it. THanks heaps for your help.