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David Anderson

Hi Greg -

Is your client hosting your course in an LMS or a blog/website? When you click Publish, you'll need to select the LMS or Web option.

Here's a good page for all the publishing options in Storyline and the specific page for publishing to a web site.

The process for uploading your published files to a web site involves:

1) publishing to Web and

2) uploading files to the web site.

Here's how to upload the published files using an FTP program:

joy angelle

Will the interactive features still work with these options as well?  I have the similar situation and I have created a module using slides where the user has to click on tabs to access additional information and there are imbedded videos and quiz questions in the module as well.  Will those elements still work?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joy,

If you're using a link to the story.html file the course should work the same in preview and once published to a website. If there are other interactive elements you'd like specific confirmation on, can you share a bit more information on your course?

This forum discussion is a bit older, so I just want to make sure I'm pointing you in the right direction!