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Jun 22, 2012

When you send files to a client to fulfill a contract for an e-course, do you send just the folder of published files (whether for web, LMS, CD, etc) or do you also include the Articulate package with all the working files, so they can, if they hire another developer or buy the software themselves, make changes in the course to update it, etc?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Jon,

I give them everything - in fact is a stipulation that I do this.


I am an Instructional Designer - not a hosting service for their files. I want them to bear the maintenance and destruction risks of any files, but whilst I may keep a backup, this is their problem, not mine.

If someone commissions me to build a course, I actually do not care if they want to go and find someone else afterwards, most of the time they come back to me anyway.

I positively encourage clients to try and become responsible for their own file maintenance, in many cases, what then happens is that they will increase their skills, and contact me to do the "value-added" services, which is what we should be trying to do - going up the "value chain" each time.

That's what repeat business is about.


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