finish button not functioning in chrome

Sep 12, 2014

Published my course couple years ago using presenter 09 (yes, I know it's old) and it's sitting on our LMS. When using chrome, I can go through the course, take the quiz and view my passing score. When I click on the Finish button, nothing happens. My review quiz and retake quiz buttons work fine. I need to X out the window to get out. The score doesn't register in the LMS although I can view the usage and see that I spent time in the course.

Any ideas of why this is happening? My chrome is up to date. I'm working with our LMS vendor to see if it's a bug on their side but also wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issue with chrome and the finish button on the quiz.

Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christy!

If the Finish button in your published quiz isn't closing the browser tab or window as expected, see this article for reasons and solutions.

Here is another possible option: If you find that your LMS is not updating the status correctly, you may be able to workaround this LMS limitation by using one of the following methods:
* If you are tracking a quiz in a presentation, add an extra slide after the quiz. Closing the browser window in some Learning Management Systems will cause the LMS to terminate communication before the data can be saved. By adding an extra slide after the quiz, it will give the LMS more time to process the LMSCommit call, which should alleviate this issue.