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Our company has some remote users accessing our Learning Management System using FireFox 5 as their browser.  FireFox is creating an error when they attempt to load any of our web-based training components.   Most users are on Internet Explorer and we've never had any difficulties.  Does Articulate publish for browsers other than I.E., and if so, what do I need to do to create a compatible version for those FireFox users?


Darrell Bird

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Darrell Bird

Thanks, Brian, but that is not the issue.  We use Plateau v5.8 and one of our programmers has FireFox.  He has determined the problem to be in the javascript from the Articulate course.  In addition, the remote users work for a national laboratory which also uses Plateau and they have many Articulate developed programs, all of which launch from the LMS and run on FireFox.

Do you know if an upgrade or patch may have been released that would have affected the production to allow the other broswers?  We may have missed installing an update that would resolve this issue...


Darrell Bird

Stefano Posti

Hello Darrel,

Articulate SCORM javascript ha been really the same for a while, fully SCORM compliant...

What is really changing today is the way that latest versions of browsers handle scripts and plugins, Flash plugin included.

So it really depends on browsers, basically; for instance, I and many other here had to modify Moodle's pages headers to allow IE9 tracking...

I'm quite curious about how your programmer determined a problem in Articulate javascript... Did he submitted the case to Articulate Support? They're really good at analyzing documented issues...



Darrell Bird

To all...

   Many thanks to you all for your help and responses.  Our IS person has determined the issue is not Articulate or Plateau, but him.  We have a special script that runs prior to the WBT closing and passing the final information to the LMS.  This script launches a pop-up window with a student survey form.  This particular script was failing in the FireFox browser, stopping the students from completing the course and transmitting data back to the LMS.

   Again... thanks to you all, we have learned a lot from this experience.

Darrell Bird