fixing audio on old slides to match audio quality on new slides?

Hi, everyone!

I developed a training module for a client in 2012 and recently had to update it with new slides.  The quality of the audio doesn't match at all.  The older slides sound tinny and the newer slides are clear.  I have changed laptops between module development, but not sure that would be the factor affecting the sound quality.

My question is, rather than re-recording all 68 slides, is there a way to reduce the tinny sound of the older slides.  I think it is pretty clear from the audio file waves that a setting was different between the old slides and the new slides, but I'm not sure how to adjust them to match.

Any suggestions would be welcomed! 



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Mike Enders


If you've switched machines, it's likely that this is where you're introducing the differences in quality.  Different microphones, sound cards, etc. can all impact the sound quality.

One way to quickly see if you can get the quality to even out...

1. Export the audio from your presentation.  To do this, go into the Articulate audio editor, click the round "a" and then export audio.  I'd export as .wav.

2. Take the exported audio files and run them through CN Levelator . This will level the audio and may help with some of the sound quality issues.

3. Import the audio files back into Presenter.

Hopefully, this will help the overall quality. If not, then you'll likely need to do some more manual fine tuning in another program.