Flash disabling Web link - I think.

Oct 11, 2012

Flash is giving me this warning.  Yep, I can ignore it, or I could if it was not disabling the link in a Web Object Placeholder.  The slide works fine when saved to CD but the orange overlay with the web path does not display at all when saved to WEB.  I think - but am not sure - that Flash is disabling the link.  Another external link, not in a placeholder is also disabled.

How do I fix so that I can publish to HTML?

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christine kent

It seems to happen when you publish to HTML rather than web.  At the moment I am just trialing the software to see if it can do various complex things we need it to do, so I can avoid this problem for now by saving to Web.  I gather the problem goes away when you not only save to HTML but also publish the site in some way.  I'll worry about those complexities later.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Christine.

It sounds like you are running into this recently-introduced Chrome bug (more information here).  You should be able to work around the problem by previewing locally in a different web browser, or as you noted, by uploading your content to a web server for testing.  If you absolutely must preview locally in Google Chrome, you will need to install an earlier version of Flash Player for Google Chrome.

Please let us know what you find.  Thanks!

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