Flash Files Resizes and Moves on First View

Feb 24, 2012

I've got a flash file that I've inserted onto a slide.  My issue is very similar to the "Web Object Resizes and Moves" issue.  The flash component is larger on first view and in the wrong place. Then I revisit the slide and the flash is the proper size.  Should I follow these steps to correct it even though these steps are for Web Objects and not imported flash?


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Phil Mayor

It is an IE issue and normally only happens if you have resized the flash after inserting into powerpoint. It normally resolves it self if you hit the next then previous buttons

The only work around I have seen that reliably works is to resize the file in flash before inserting into powerpoint.  Some people have results by using slide only view but it has never worked for me.

Dave Neuweiler

Hello Julee, I have seen the same behavior in my current project. Although I've not yet tested this, here's what I'm going to try...

On a screen prior to the one where my resized Flash Object is, I'm going to insert the same object. Then, I'm going to postion the object so that only a tiny bit of it will be on-screen when published. I think this will cause the Flash Object to load, but no part of it will appear in the published output.

In my project, when the object appears at full size and in a different position, it seems consistent that it's offset to the right. So I'm going to try moving the "off-stage" SWF to barely touch the lower right corner of the stage.

Phil -- what do you think?

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