Flash movie disappearing when Project file is moved

Dear all,

I'm working on a project at the moment where I create my project on the desktop and then move it to the sharedrive for other people to access. This is the first time we have created flash buttons and inserted these into the project via Flash movie.

Problem: When I have finished making the necessary changes to the project I package it all up in one folder (flash files included) and move the whole folder back to the sharedrive, If I need to make further changes I drag the folder back down to the desktop open the file and all of the flash elements have corrupted (or are no longer available with a white box and and x through it).

Can anyone let me know what causes this and if there is a solution. Putting flash back into the project has proved to take a lot of time.

Thank you

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Brian Griffin

Hi Renee,

I have sad news. I experienced Flash files disappearing even when the project was not moved anywhere. I had to re-insert over 20 Flash movies when I had to re-publish my project. I have not been able to uncover the reasons for such behaviour. Interestingly, moving the project should not impact Flash files since they are embedded into the .ppta file rather than linked to the project.

Phil Mayor

Hi Guys

The links to the flash files are relative links and do break if you move the file.  If you want to move the file on your machine i would do a save as which will update the ppta.

If you want to share your work it is best to send it to an articulate package that will maintain the links,

Brian, did you rename your file outside of ppt as this will break the link to the ppta, also I find that the flash files are not in the ppta and that each time you publish it takes the latest version from wherever it is stored on your machine, this is really helpful if you need to change the swf file as you just replace the file on your machine and dont have to reinsert