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Rick Cheeseman

Hi Brian,

I'm getting a 404 for the Studio '09 best practices page and searching the forum for best practices just brings me back to the page I found when searching for an answer to the problem that brought me here.  So I've come full circle around which pretty much summarizes my day - going 'round in circles.  (-:

My problem is with a flash movie clip inserted in the main timeline.  I have done this before on many occasions but this time there are problems.  The published slide works fine locally but when I view it overNet, the swf file stops at the time where I inserted the movie clip yet the sound track (imported separately to avoid the doubling up of the sound track that you get when audio is embedded in the swf) keeps playing.  It appears that I have solved the immediate problem by copying the movie clip directly into the timeline.

I say 'appears' because the question remains as to why inserting a movie clip works sometimes, and sometimes not.  The movie clip that didn't work is longer than others I have used, though even it is only about 30s.  The only other difference MAY be that this movie clip has a Stop action at the end whereas the others looped back to an earlier frame.

Thoughts appreciated.  (As an aside, does everyone know that inserting StopAllSounds in a flash file will stop all sounds in the slide, even if the audio is imported separately from the flash-published swf?)

Thanks, Rick

Peter Anderson

Hi Rick!

Thanks for bringing the link to our attention. Here's a working link for Studio '09 Flash video best practices, and here it is for Storyline. 

If you still need assistance with the video clip after reviewing the article, feel free to send us a support case and we can take a closer look. Thanks!

Rick Cheeseman

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting back to me.  The only bp I wasn't aware of was the Player 6 restriction.   I can't find a converter that generates Sorensen Spark flv so I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the movies stay stable and that the next version of Presenter supports on2 vp6.  If nothing else, it has been an interesting learning opportunity!