Flash Movie Options on Stale Slide

I'm creating a basic presentation for an introduction to a web page.  It consists of a Stale intro slide with a branding graphic, and an embedded Flash movie. This slide advances to a simple 3 step Media Tour engage followed by a stale conclusion slide.  

Everything works seamlessly with the  presentation with the exception of my embedded flash video on the introduction slide.  Here's the problem:

When you visit the webpage, this presentation will display prominently on the top, it essentially introduces and familiarizes the user with the static content of the page.  

My published course auto-plays the video on the intro slide, I'm concerned that each time the user visits this page they will be subjected to watching the same video they've already seen X number of times.  I don't see any settings when embedding my video to the stale page that allow me to add a "click-to-start" feature if you will.  That is, no matter how I change the settings the video auto-plays upon starting the presentation.

I've never uploaded a course to a web platform before, it's possible that they will have to click to start the course (this could be a simple solution to my problem, if that's now it works), but if the course begins automatically upon visiting the webpage it's embedded into the user will be forced to view the video each time.  

I hope that makes sense.  Can someone help me understand how this works, and point me in the direction of a solution that  will allow the user to view (and re-view) the module when desired, but not be forced to watch the intro video upon each visit? 

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Peter Anderson

Hey, Michael. Welcome to Heroes!

One idea could be to create an introduction slide that doesn't contain video. Another idea, is if you have Engage, you could create a Media Tour Engage interaction and use that. Set it to Include Playbar and uncheck the option to Auto Start.