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Sep 15, 2011

I've created a flash movie (in Flash) that I've inserted into a ppt slide, let's call this the navigation screen. The Flash movie consists of three buttons that allow users to select three different branching scenarios(using _level0.ArtAPI.SlideNum()). When published the flash movie gets me to the correct slide number fine.  When done with one of the scenarios the user is then sent back to the navigation screen to select one of the remaining scenario buttons with the previously viewed scenario button "greyed out". Problem is (me thinks) that I never see the "greyed out" button because the flash movie resets(reloads) when I go back to it. Is there a way to prevent the Flash movie from reloading (or resetting) itself?



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Paul Kornman

IMO, no.  When the user arrives on your navigation screen, the contents of the screen are reloaded. Since your navigation Flash movie resides on only that slide, it is reloaded as well every time the user returns to it.

I suggest you use global variables within your navigation Flash movie. Even though the Flash movie is reloaded, global variables persist as long as the Articulate module is running.

For example, (you could use an array, but I'll stick to individual variables):

At the beginning of the code:

if (_global.button1 == undefined) _global.button1 = 0; // Set it ONLY if it's undefined (first time through)

if (_global.button2 == undefined) _global.button2 = 0; // '0' indicates that it hasn't been clicked yet

if (_global.button3 == undefined) _global.button3 = 0;

if (_global.button1 == 1) { <> } // a '1' indicates that the button was previously clicked

if (_global.button2 == 1) { <>}

if (_global.button3 == 1) { <>}

// In the code for the button that jumps to the slide, add _global.button[n] = 1 depending on which button was clicked.

Good luck.

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