Flash movies - controlling timing

Feb 15, 2013


I have some Flash movies to insert into my Powerpoints and I need to ensure they are played in full.  To do this, I'm restricting the user navigation controls to stop the user from skipping to the next slide.  This works fine for the basic Powerpoint material, but as Articulate doesn't know how long the movie is, this doesn't work so well for the movies.

I wondered if anyone had any tips and tricks for locking the slide until the movies had played in full?


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Andrew!

I was able to find some suggestions that David Anderson posted in this thread that may help you with this:

How are you inserting your videos? If you set your Player Template to locked, you can prevent the learner from clicking the Next button until the video finishes and the seekbar is at the end. You'll need to insert your videos to Synchronize slide and movie when you import.

Now, the learner can click-drag the seekbar to speed up the video to complete the slide quicker.

To get around learners dragging the seekbar, you could change the slide view to show only the slide and no player controls. You do that by going to Articulate > Slide Properties and modifying the Change View option for the video-specific slides.

For more suggestions, please take a look at the original thread using the link I posted above.

Let me know how it turns out!

Andrew McNeill


Thank you, the synchronise option solves the problem.

I've also found that i can only have one flash movie per slide, so in a way, my main problem is solved and that was how to have a series of 3 movies run in sequence on the same slide.  I'll just need to create 3 slides, 1 per movie.