Flash Movies in Articulate Presenter


I am building a e-learning program on Feedback that uses a lot of short video clips that have been prepared in Xtranormal State Desktop animation tool. In each case, I get a black box saying something like video placeholder on the slide. I am now reworking all of this to resize my flash (.flv) files to 360 by 640 to both reduce the file size and improve the fit. However, I am finding it hard to track what is where. Is there any way to get the file name appearing on the video placer holder or seeing in with a right mouse click or something like that. There are about 30 of these short video clips in this program, and not having an easy way to know what is were is making it hard to update them correctly.


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Roelf Woldring

Thanks Justin

I will do that

silly of me to forget that you can create a text box off the slide area

we get so focused that we forget the obvious

It would be neat if you folks could automate this process though in a future release

when you start having more than a video or two in an interactive learning session

you can easily mistakes in the manual tracking

What's the best way to add this to the the suggested features list