Flash movies not working when adding to an old pptx

Jul 26, 2011

I am updating a training module I originally created in 2008. Everything has been working fine until I try to insert my new Flash Movies. When I select Insert Flash Movie, I browse to the .swf file, and it plays fine in the "Insert Flash Movie" dialog. I select OK and it looks as though it has embedded the video correctly, but when I Preview or Publish, the video is not there. And when I return to my pptx, the video object is no longer on the slide.

I tested with a blank (new) pptx, and the video embeds just fine. When I try embedding old swf files that have totally worked with other productions over the past few years, they won't embed either. So I'm certain that the problem is not with with the .swf file itself, but something with my pptx.

It appears as though there is a problem with the old pptx that I'm trying to add to. This presentation was upgraded from an older version of Articulate (whatever was current in 2008). Could this be related to the Articulate upgrade? Any ideas short of recreating all of my work in a new pptx?

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Rochelle Price

Thanks Brian! The method described in the link does appear to have resolve the issue. It was also helpful to learn how to export audio from old presentations, too!

Before I got your reply I figured out a workaround. It didn't solve the entire problem, because apparently my presentation was corrupt, but I'll share it here for others who just need a quick fix: I created a new powerpoint and imported in the flash movies I needed. I could then copy and paste the slides from this new pptx to the old pptx and the videos would stay embedded.

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