Flash Navigational Sidebar issue in Presenter

This is the 3rd navigational sidebar that I have created and have not came across this issue yet so am curious if anyone else has. Located to the left is where the buttons (that I created in Flash) should be but this - see image below - is what appears and the seekbar for this particular slide does not move from 00:00.

I used Flash CS5 and had it published using Player 10 & AS2. Not sure if it makes a difference but my company recently upgraded to Office 2010 and I have V6.3.1009.1313 for Presenter '09.

I thought maybe it could be an issue with using Office 2010 but the other sidebar that I have created work; just this one does not.

I have even checked my scripting but see now issue:

shop.onRelease = function() {
office.onRelease = function() {
both.onRelease = function() {

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