Flash Player 6 compatibility

Hi! I am encountering an issue where a client requires Flash Player 6 compatibility for an Articulate module. This module incorporates external flash elements; a mix of interactive and non-interactive files.

How do you best create a module like this so that there is clean support for Flash Player 6 - by this I mean that the user is not prompted to update their flash player or the user does not experiences parts of the that does not work because of incompatibility with their flash player?

I did a little research (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_Video) and MP4 is out since it needs Flash Player 9. That leaves FLV or SWF.  FLV could be used for non-interactive components and needs H.263 video compression whereas SWF can be used for both interactive and non-interactive created at version 6.

The result is large, non-streaming files with noticably lower quality results but the gain is widespread compatibility. Has anyone found other solutions for ensuring a module that contains a mix of external flash components remains Flash Player 6 compatible?



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Justin Wilcox

Gerry Wasiluk said:

And are they still sync issues with large SWF movies?

Yes, there are. Why do they have this requirement to support Flash Player 6? Flash Player 6 was released in 2002. That was a lifetime ago technologically speaking. If they are trying to reach the largest possible audience, they shouldn't even be concerned about people using Flash Player 6 since that population is probably extremely small, if non-existent.

Most older computers should be using at the very least 8 at this point based on system requirements. If someone was actually using Flash Player 6, I doubt they would be in a locked down environment where they weren't able to upgrade their version of Flash Player. Lastly, if someone was actually using Flash Player 6, there's a good chance their computer wouldn't even have the horsepower to view the content anyway.

I have an old Mac G4 that doesn't play our content at all. It has nothing to do with the version of Flash Player. It's just the computer is too old.

Stephanie Harnett

Thanks Justin. I'm working with the clients IT folks now to confirm that flash player 6 really is the standard and agree that was eons ago in terms of technology time. Being able to at least use FLV seems reasonable to me. Another question to specifically ask (not assume) and make sure one gets confirmation from their clients - "which flash version are we working toward?" This would have saved some time and frustration on both my and my clients part.