flash player error on launch

I am trying to work on an Articulate Presenter/Quiz project, but when I launch Quizmaker, I receive an error -

"Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required to run Articulate Quizmaker 13

Would you like to go to web page to download it now?"

It does not matter how you answer this question, yes or no, you are transported to the Flash player download site.  Looking at Control Panel, I have Flash player 16 NPAPI installed (also Flash player 15 ActiveX, initially, but I uninstalled that).  I have tried both installing over these and uninstalling Flash then reinstalling.  However, after running the update I still get the error when I launch Quizmaker.

This is frustrating - I am under considerable pressure to get this project moving, and I can't even get the software to run.  Any useful suggestions would be very welcome.

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