Flash player locks IE7 when starting from Moodle on first run?

Flash player locks IE7 when starting from Moodle on first run? I've tried various Flash player versions from 10.0.45, 10.1.12 and 10.2 but it seems everytime I start up an Articulate course for the first time it locks the Internet Explorer 7 browser and I need my task manager to close IE completely...

As this is not an 'ideal' user experience I was wondering if this was a known issue and if there might be a solution..


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Dave Newgass

Welcome to my world....I had a similar issue.

One of my problems was I had a couple of pretty 'heavy' tabs loading.  Once I removed the tabs, it was fine. 

Are you opening the SCORM package from Moodle in a new window?  Another thing I tried (and it seems to work) was to open in the same window.

Just some ideas to try.....

I downloaded HTTP Analyzer as per Brian's recommendation...when I opened the program I might as well have opened a Chinese dictionary.... It was a bit overwhelming for me.



Jeff Kortenbosch

Sorry for my late comment but I have been on vacation an my mind was of my moodle issues. Now I am back though and the problem is current again. I've done one of those http analyzers but I am just not sure what to look for?

I do open in a new window because of the screensize. No heavy tabs that I am aware of, just the standard ones.

The annoying part is it only happens on first launch! AARGH

@Brian, anything specific I need to look for in the analysis?