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Good afternoon. This is something so simple and basic, I'm embarrassed to be presenting it as an issue since I think there is no way Articulate would overlook it.

After you import a Flash file into a slide, then right click it and choose Properties from the context popup menu, you see a list of properties for that Flash file. One of them is called Movie and shows a hard coded pathname to the .swf file you just imported. The problem with the hard coded path name is that when working on files on different machines, such as when taking work home, the pathname is no longer accurate, causing much frustration trying to preview or publish. I have tried using relative paths, that does not seem to work either.

Has anyone had this same issue? I imagine there must be many more people experiencing this. In my opinion, Articulate should either import files with relative paths, or allow you to adjust the path in that Movie property mentioned above to be relative.

Help if you can. Thanks in advance.

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Justin Wilcox

Hello and welcome to Heroes! When working on a different computer, make sure you are transferring your files by following the steps here:


You can then simply transfer the zip file and unzip it and work on your project with the Flash movies in your presentation:


On a different computer the Flash movie may appear as a blank white rectangle but it will display when you publish.

Paul Colby

Thanks Justin. However, I am not transferring files. I have an external hard drive that I am physically taking with me to and from work. I imported a bunch of Flash files at work. When I get home and plug into my home computer, since the drive letter for the external hard drive is different, all of the Flash files that I imported at work are not visible when previewing or publishing.



P.S. If I reimport the .swfs from the same relative location, of course, they work fine.