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Craig Wiggins


speed = 10;

initial_width = 60;

target_width = 678;

sp = rect1._x;

this.createEmptyMovieClip("emptymc", 0);

emptymc.onEnterFrame = function() {

for (i=1; i

if (_root.hit.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {

if (_root["rect"+i].hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {

new_x = (_root.sp-(60*(i-1)))-rect1._x;

rect1._x += new_x/speed;

n_width = target_width-_root["rect"+i]._width;

_root["rect"+i]._width += n_width/speed;

} else {

n_width2 = initial_width-_root["rect"+i]._width;

_root["rect"+i]._width += n_width2/speed;


} else {

new_x = _root.sp-rect1._x;

rect1._x += new_x/(speed+50);

n_width2 = initial_width-_root["rect"+i]._width;

_root["rect"+i]._width += n_width2/(speed-1);


_root["rect"+(i+1)]._x = _root["rect"+i]._x+_root["rect"+i]._width;

_root["movie"+i]._x = _root["rect"+i]._x-1;



...a colleague helped me to see that the problem might be with the first 'if' line:

if (_root.hit.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {

as the item hit is a movie clip that is used multiple times on the stage. Again, works fine standalone, but not so much in Presenter.

David Anderson

Oh, well I already see some potential issues

You're using _root to control positioning:-) That's a no-no cuz it conflicts with Presenter's player coding which also references _root. Here's more info Flash best practices in Presenter 09.

Is that your code? Can you modify to make the references relative instead of absolute?

Brian Batt

Hi Craig,

Have you tried inserting the SWF as a web object?  This would workaround any ActionScript conflicts that you may have:


For reference, here's a list of SWF file best practices that may help you troubleshoot the issue: