Flash SharedObjects Used in Articulate


I am using Articulate presenter to import swf files that are using shared objects to collect user reflections.


var so_text1:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal ("nameoffile", "/");
if (so_text1.data.text_confidentiality !=undefined){
   text_confidentiality.text = Lincs_text1.data.text_confidentiality;
else {
      text_confidentiality.text = "How might procedures related to confidentiality be improved. . .";


You can see that I am inputting automatically an intro for the reflection---- "How might procedures related to confidentiality be improved. . ."

At the end of the project I want to display all the reflections and allow the users to print their reflections as a "take away."  When I publish, this all works locally.

When I post to a web site, the screen for printing reflections opens, but is empty of content.

Does anyone have any ideas about obstacles related to used shared objects in presenter? Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative approach?

Betsy DeGeorge

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