Flash video only plays the first 5 seconds in Articulate '09

I loaded a demo video into one of my presentation slides. The slide has no animation and no audio separate from the video.  Presenter seems to be following the slide protocol and advancing at the 5 second mark when there is no animation or audio.  What can I do to get Presenter to recognize my video as part of the presentation and count the video runtime??

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Pam,

To stop the presentation from advancing on its own, you could change the slide properties to advance "by user", that way the learner can click on next when the video is over.

If you'd like the presentation to advance on its own, then I would suggest submitting a support case including your presentation files and the video in question.

Hope that helps!


Pam Robinson

Thanks Allison,

I tried that and extending the time by adding silence using Audio Editor. Neither gave me a resolution.

My solution was to resave the videos and retry. About 20 times each. It finally worked, one at a time. Not sure whether it was a glitch with my laptop, my internet connection, my Snag-it (used to capture the video) or Articulate but my project finally recognized the video clips, one was 2.52 minutes and the other 7.58.

I appreciate your response though.  Happy Holidays!