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Justin Wilcox

Hi Marty.

It looks like you sent us just a screenshot. I'm guessing you simply need to recreate the video at the exact size you want to use and then reinsert it and republish. I'm guessing that would solve your issue. If it doesn't, feel free to send us your files and we'd be happy to take a closer look:


Marty King

Justin, Cleo sent me a response suggesting that I resize the video at conversion and not when it is in the slide. While I understand this, I've seen it done like this in Screenr's and I've done it myself without a problem. However, I used Photoshop this time, and in the past I used Articulate Video Encoder. I think I will produce the video in as AVI or MP4 and import and convert in Video Encoder. I'm not really sure I can size the video at production to accurately fit dimensions of the screen in my slide.