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Paul Venderley

We're coming across this as well, so I'll add the details of what we're experiencing..

There is no formatting beyond "Bold" on the font. The square shape in which it resides is green in colour - that's it.

The shape is being animated, however, so are several other shapes on the slide that do not have the font doubling issue.

I've designed a few courses in Articulate Presenter; this is a recent development.

Jada Olson

We see that all the time.  It's an issue with text being typed directly into a PPT shape instead of a text box.  The way we fixed it was to cut the text out of the shape and paste it into a text box to preserve the formatting.  Then you just overlay the text box on top of the shape.  You can group the two objects or not as you prefer.  It's always published fine after that.  You just have to remember to add the animations, if there are any, to the text box to match the shape.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul and Ann,

Let us know if Jada's (Welcome to the Heroes Community Jada!) solution works for you or if you're still having difficulty. 

Some other options to look into when the font changes, or it's generally behaving erratically:

Something has corrupted the file and you can fix it following these directions.

The type of font you're using (since you didn't specify, I figured it best to send this just in case). 

Paul Venderley

The font duplication seems to have been resolved. However, we're getting blue rectangles appearing behind these groupings, spanning the width of the screen. Sometimes they take up as much as two thirds of the screen, sometimes just a one-inch line. It's an inconsistent problem; repeated republishings MAY resolve the issue.