Font issue with bolding and hyperlinks


I'm having a couple issues with font related items and am looking for some help.  The first is, if there is a font change on a slide, bolding, italics, etc, on the publish, those words are looking like they're superscripted.  It's similar to the spacing issue that used to happen in '09 where extra space was added around font changed words.  I have tried to use the font spacing fix on the superscripted words and it's not helping.  Underlining sometimes works, but not always.  Also, we often can't change the client's 'vision' so a workaround would be great.

Also, when hyperlinks are used in text in a table, frequently the underline renders either too high or too low.  Reguar text boxes are fine, it's tables specifically that are having the issue.  Our client uses a *lot* of tables for consistency, changing them into individual text boxes isn't something we can do. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jada!

Are you having issue with multiple courses or just the one. 

If you try to utilize the same font in a new file, does it behave the same way?

Are you working locally - software, files are on your C Drive?

If you cannot replicate the behavior in a new file, perhaps there is corruption in your current file and you should be able to re-use the slides in a new presentation.

If the font is installed properly and you can replicate in a new file, you may need to conduct a repair of your software to see if the issue is alleviated.

Let me know where we stand after this information because I may need you to just attach your Articulate Package as well information on the font being used.

Jada Olson

I'm sorry that I wasn't clear.  Every course we create uses this same font.  We are required to use it by our client.  We've used it for years with '09 and have not had any isse with it at all.  The superscripting with bolding and italics happens in every instance that bold and italics are used.  We have also tested this with Arial font and are seeing the same behavior.  The amount that it is super or subscripting gets worse when the text is part of bulleted lists.  The problem is as consistent with hyperlinks that are used in tables, hyperlinks in text placeholders function normally.

We always work locally when creating courses (folders on the C drive of our individual computers)