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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jackie - there isn't an option within Presenter to adjust the font size on the player, but that would make a great feature request.

Some folks use this workaround, which isn't officially supported but I've seen it used with success. Keep in mind though that if you do this, then any time you republish your presentation, the changes you've made to your presentation.xml file will be lost, so the edits would have to be made each time you publish.

Another workaround is to add font tags to the slide titles in your Slide Properties manager. For example, you can add before a slide title and after it, and that will decrease the size. The downside of this is that if your sidebar also includes a Thumbnails tab or a Notes tab, then the tag code will appear in those tabs. So if you do this, you'd probably want to avoid including thumbnails in the sidebar.