Font size of Notes in the Notes Tab is inconsistent


I've been having issues with the font size being inconsistent in the 'Notes' tab of presenter. It happens during preview mode within articulate 2013 and also after its published. I have made sure that the text is Calibri 12 point and the paragraph spacing is all consistent within the notes view of powerpoint (2010). Is there perhaps a font that is better to use then Calibri so that this doesn't happen? Not sure why its happening in the first there any fix for this issue? 

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Danielle Danielle addition...sometimes the font type looks like it changes to something other than Calibri 12 point. I have checked and re-checked that the font is consistently Calibri 12 point in the notes view of all the ppt slides and indeed it is.  Is this part of the same overall issue right now with the font blurriness?

Jake Hurt

Hi Leslie,

We are still encountering this issue; we had a suite of 8 courses all with the notes set to calibri 12.

7 of them published to the same size, with 1 publishing to a different font size. We have tried publishing on the same machine and different machines. All have the most recent 13 update.