Format appearance of Notes in published course

Using Presenter 2013 and PPT 2013.

I can format the slide notes in PPT. However, in the published course the notes pane appears with a translucent light blue overlay, light-colored text and text centered. None of that matches how I formatted the notes in PPT.

Any thoughts on what is going wrong?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Lewis,

That does sound a bit odd - any chance you can share some screenshots of how the notes are formatted prior to and after publishing?

Does this happen when previewing as well, or only after publishing?

Also, how are you viewing the published content? Try to make sure that you're not viewing it locally. If you have access to an LMS or web server, please try uploading to the server and see if you experience the same issue. It may also help to try opening the project in a different web browser, just to see if there's a change.


Lewis Erskine

Thanks Christine. Since posting the above, I found that the formatting problem I described is limited to a template I received from a client. Presumably they built that template to work with Present 2009. If I work outside that template,e.g. just create a new presentation in PPT, then all is well with formatting Notes text, including when viewing locally. I don't have ready access to test on a server currently. But can take that step if needed. 

Here is an example of the formatting issue when using the client template. Attached.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for getting back to me!

Ahh - I see. Quick question, when you started working with the project, did you follow the steps for upgrading it to Studio '13 content?

If not, this article may help:

How to Upgrade a Presentation to Articulate Presenter '13

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that Studio '09 doesn't support Studio '13 content just yet. So, if your client is going to need access to the project files after you've finished, it might be best to stick with Studio '09. I would also recommend saving a back up copy of the project, just to be safe. 

Let me know how it goes.