From HTML to Articulate

I see a lot of posts out here about the HTML generated FROM a Presenter, or Engage, or Quizmaker file, and I know from the "bad old days" that XML and HTML are integral underlying structures of Articulate, but here's a new twist on this question.

We have a bunch of old (circa 2008is) HTML courses, with some XML thrown in, that we would like to quickly convert to Articulate format, skipping over the whole PowerPoint business.  Is it totally crazy to think that there is a way that I could... for example... create a one-page Articulate Presenter document and publish it for the WEB, then somehow go into the files that are generated and cut/paste the existing HTML/XML code and made an Articulate Presenter course result from this combination?

Or have I been watching too many sci-fi movies?  Thanks....

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Dan Winter

Hi Rainy!

Great question - and good choice switching over from that HTML stuff...! From my Articulate experience, I'd suggest that unfortunately the feat is one that may require either the assistance of the Articulate staff, or perhaps an oDesk job posting requesting some quick assistance to do it manually. I would say it wouldn't be all that difficult to pull in the XML files as objects in PowerPoint and send 'em on up to Articulate, though I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction.

I would be excited to know what sort of solution you are able to muster up - and if you need any assistance of any sorts, I'm happy to help as much as I can!

Gregory Howarth

Howdy Rainy,

how did you end up converting your content?

Our company is going through a similar transition.  We have a lot of content formatted in HTML that we would like to get into Articulate Storyline quickly without having to redo all the special formatting (e.g. bolds, italics, order lists, superscripts, etc...). The content is currently held in a database so we cannot embed it as a web object, and are just looking for the most efficient way to migrate everything over.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.