Frozen assets- Articulate & PowrePoint

Major problem! Powerpoint is now freezing evey time I try to use Articulate. I have four courses due and was doing the final tweak to a quiz when everything froze. I've repaired/reinstalled Articulate from the Control menu twice and am now uninstalling Office 2010 and will reinstall that as well. I can't publish, preview, etc. Articulate is just not working.

Can I reinstall it online instead of trying to repair from within or is my internal reair using online assets anyway?


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Jon DeMartino

I uninstalled MS Office 2010 and reinstalled it and then, once again, repaired Articulate. Everything seems fine.

But one of my four courses is narrated and I seem to have lost the audio somewhere in all this. I can re-do it of course, but do you know if the files are stored anywhere that I can pick them up and import them back into the presentation?