Full Screen Mode for Studio 13?


When publishing a SCORM 1.2 using Studio 13, is there a way to view the course in 'full screen' mode?  We are not publishing to HTML5 if that matters.  We are just upgrading from Studio 09 to '13.

We were using a little hack from James Kingsley in 09 that worked perfect but it involved added some files post publishing.

What are your thoughts?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dave! 

Details on adjusting your project's browser settings can be found in the following tutorial:

Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size in Articulate Presenter

  • Re-size browser to fill screen: This option automatically re-sizes the learner's browser to fill the whole screen.

View modes—Standard, No sidebar, and Slide only—are no longer supported. However, you can customize which player features appear on each slide in your course. For example, you can display the course menu on some slides and remove it from others. See Managing Slide Properties to learn how.