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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Edz,

With Studio '13, you can set up your course to full screen, will a full browser window. 

Details on adjusting your project's browser settings can be found in the following tutorial:

Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size in Articulate Presenter

  • Resize browser to fill screen: This option automatically resizes the learner's browser to fill the whole screen.

And - even though it's not something you can apply to the course, a neat little trick is to use your F11 key. In many browsers, like Google Chrome, this will actually change your browser window to full screen. I know it's not quite the same thing, but it's one of my favorite browser shortcuts :)

I hope this helps!

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Edz!

Awesome, glad to hear that :)

View modes—Standard, No sidebar, and Slide only—are no longer supported. However, you can customize which player features appear on each slide in your course. For example, you can display the course menu on some slides and remove it from others. See Managing Slide Properties to learn how.

I hope that helps!

Have a great day,


Jenna Pitcher

Hi Christine,

With so much content being delivered on Mobile platforms, it's difficult to understand why "View modes—Standard, No sidebar, and Slide only.." functionality was removed in 2013.  To show only the slide to the viewer by managing slide properties on a per slide basis, it seems that you also have to remove the logo completely from the player settings.  Am I correct?

Do you know if and when this functionality will be returning to Articulate Studio?



Paul Barker

Hi Jenna.  I'd just like to backup your comments.  We use a lot of our Presenter output in classrooms so switching view modes is really important to us, eg display the slides full screen, but see the menu to navigate effectively when needed.

Our 'solution' is to produce online content with Pres 13 and classroom content with Pres 09.  Not a great solution as I now have to drag around 2 laptops with 09 on one and 13 on the other.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jenna and Paul,

First - Jenna,

I'd like to welcome you to the community and thank you for your feedback :)

I'm actually in agreement on this one - I'm personally not a fan of the change. However, that being said, I'm also not a developer. I cannot say why the choice was made to remove the functionality, or whether the functionality will be added to the new Studio '13. 

For everyone,

Please send your feedback to our development team. The only way we can gauge the impact of the change, or the usefulness of bringing in that functionality, is if the information is shared with the development team. If you have other colleagues that used this, would like to use this, or miss this feature - have them send in their suggestions/requests as well. The more information we have the better! :)

Also, please try to be as detailed as possible when submitting your requests. If we're able to see how this would/does impact a course from different perspectives and situations, that will help a lot. 

Here's the form:

Submit a feature request

In the meantime, I recommend following us on the following sites:

Any new updates will be announced on those social pages. If there are updates with threads related to them, we'll also update those threads.

Thank you very much. Again, I appreciate the feedback and hopefully we'll hear something about this in the future.

Jeff Schlaybach

Hi Christine and all,

Thank you for raising this important issue - I just came upon it and it basically makes using 2013 impossible for our company!

We have many slides which are Adobe Captivate demos and in '09 we would, at the slide level, go to full width mode (turn off the side bar) so the SWF could be seen in a size required to see the details in the demos. I tried turning off the Notes, Menu (which should have remained Outline) and presenter but the sidebar remains. No way to turn off logo at the slide level that I can see to possible eliminate the side bar.

Thanks for the developer link for feature requests- I will surely post my concern and a request to restore this important feature (along with restoring the slide numbers in the seek bar which also went away with the new player).

Now I guess I need to either create a VM and reinstall Articulate '09, or go back to '09 and uninstall 2013 (again - your software should allow customers to have BOTH on a machine at the same time if they have valid licenses).