Full Screen Video Pop-out in Presenter 13

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to get a video inside an exported Presenter project to go full screen? I know that my videos are inserted either in PPT under the Presenter Ribbon or inside of the Engage files for each section. Please let me know if there is a way to go full screen and how to do it, because right now my videos are too small to keep trying to view them in these tiny frames.

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Cho Phillips

Hey Leslie,

I am trying to accomplish this inside of the actual Engage file, so when its published in Presenter the video can be popped out to be full screen. I would best compare it to the option inside of Engage Interaction files, the check box that you can click that says "Zoom Image: In Current Window," allowing you to make an image full screen so you can see the details of the picture (not confining it to the limited space provided inside of the interaction slide).

Is there anything like this inside of the Articulate Presenter or Engage software? I really hope there is, because the videos really do need full screen real-estate.