Fullscreen or Free Chromeless Articulate Skin?

Hi everyone.  I'm doing this video player for work, and Articulate Presenter would be the perfect thing to use for it IF I could get it to go fullscreen.  Now, I came across a conversation in the old forums about this.  I found that here:  http://www.articulate.com/forums/articulate-presenter/16080-how-make-slide-area-full-screen-display.html

The example that is used is perfect.  That one is here:  http://frameentered.com/demos/Chromeless/player.html

I went to go download it, but I don't think it's free anymore.  I'd need a free one b/c if it's not, I'll probably be expected to figure this out in Actionscript in Flash.  I can do simple things with AS, but the navigation I want to put into this program is way beyond my capabilities.

So, I was hoping someone on here knew of either a new feature that can be implemented into the current version of Presenter, or if someone knows of a great free chromeless articulate skin, one that's truly free and works great like in the example above.

Help would be so greatly appreciated for this, and I've always gotten great help here.

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