games using flash

A client is interested in "games" related to learning. I see that

has game templates for sale, but they have to be modified in Adobe flash and then imported into Articulate.

I don't have Adobe flash and wouldn't know which product to purchase if I wanted to try this. Does anyone know what I would need? It sounds like the modifications can be made rather easily and they provide tutorials as well. I'd want the least expensive flash program because I probably wouldn't use it other than for this.

Have any of you used these templates or do you know of another way to create games in Articulate?



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Blake Griffin

I have used these before ... they also have a subscription based service:

The subscription based service is pretty easy to use and very affordable.  You login to a web site, and enter your questions and answers.  Then publish it to a SWF directly.  One suggestion though.  Look at each template and its requirements.  Then build your content in a Word document, then build it... I tried buiilding directly in the web site... once... and hit back button accidentally and lost my progress.  It was very frustrating.

Good luck and have fun.

Blake Griffin

That is correct you input your information in text entry fields and then publish and it creates a swf that you can import via INSERT/Flash Movie in PowerPoint/Articulate.  It is super easy to use.  I am not sure if it tracks the responses for an LMS though.  We have only used the games as a fun interaction in a module.  I think they have a free demo.  You should try it out. 

Jon DeMartino

I looked at several of the examples of templates. They all seem to be just like quiz questions, ask and answer, except that the "game" can keep score. Are there any that are more video-game like? I don't mean like a commercial game, those take a lot of code writing I'm sure. I just mean a format that is not simply asking questions. I think that's more like what my client is asking about.

Having said that, I may still try creating a couple of these, just to see how they work.