Getting Courses to work on an Intranet

Apr 30, 2012

Hi all,

I gave a client a copy of my courses to copy onto their Intranet, but not all of them are working properly. Sometimes the quizzes "hang" and sometimes the entire course "can't be found".

I am working remotely and the client has limited knowledge of installing web-based courses on an Intranet. Is there a set of simple instructions that I could give them? For example, I know the path to the course should be as close to the root folder as possible. Is there a quick way for me to output the courses and instruct the client to get them working?

The client can't allow me FTP access so all I have is dropbox. I currently have an (unzipped) copy of my courses in dropbox with each course (12 in total) in its own folder. The courses work ok for me, but when the client copies the folder to the Intranet directory, they don't all work. I can't see what's on their intranet or how it is setup.

Any advice here would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,


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Peter Anderson

Hi Fiona!

If they're uploading content to their intranet, then you'll want to use the Publish to Web option. And if their intranet supports SCORM or AICC, then you can alternatively use the Publish to LMS option. If they continue to experience issues getting the content to run, I'd recommend submitting a case to our support team for further advice. Thanks!

Fiona Quigley

Hi Peter,

I have all the courses published as the Web option and they have access to them via my dropbox, with each course in its own folder.

I wanted to know if there was any issue with them just copying my course folders in drop-box to their Intranet & if their was any specific recommendations on depth of folders etc..



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