Getting LMS completions with branching

I need help with a course that is not using a quiz to capture a score for completion and has non-linear branching (max. 10-12 slides). How do I report successful completion to the LMS?

I have changed the # of slides viewed for completion to not include the branching as well and include the branching and still cannot get a completion in the LMS.  I hide the slides in slides properties.  Is that the best way to go about this?

Also there is a chance that the students may not touch the branching slides or students that may touch every slide.  We HAVE to send completion.  We don’t time to redesign the course.

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Ashley Hirai

Hi.. I have the same issue now with this... did you find solution to this? I have 3 branching on my course for 3 groups.... 1st group needs to complete 39 slides...2nd group needs 92 slides and 3rd groups needs 55 slides... i dont know how to setup the completion for these 3 groups with just 1 result.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ashley!

I'm assuming that the branching is built in based on the groups you mention.

Have you considered putting a very basic quiz slide at the end of your presentation that asks the user if they enjoyed the course.  Then, track the course by the completion of that quiz.  By doing this, as long as the user gets to the final slide (regardless of how many slides they viewed to get there), their course will be completed in the LMS.