gif animations don't animate once Articulated


I see almost all questions are about storyline here, but I have a question on Presenter.

I've inserted a few gifs in my original presentation, and when it is viewed as a slide show works beautifully. But once it is rendered with presenter (and published) it just views as a still pic.

Anything I may be overlooking?



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L. Cree

Hi Sheena, i appreciate your quick responses!

I checked out the discussion you linked me to.

It seems to make sense. But viewing via the slide properties does not show timelines, like in storyline or in the Engage interactions.

So I guess now the next question is: how do i change timelines in a powerpoint presentation when using presenter?

(I attached a ppsx and a link to the presenter rendering).

worm gear only




Crystal Horn

Sorry-  by stage, I meant directly onto the slide area in PowerPoint.  

That's frustrating.  Would you want to connect with our support team, in that case?  If you are able to share your file with them (at least the GIF, anyway), they can dig a bit more deeply and do some testing to see if we can figure out what's preventing that animation from playing.

Hang in there, Leslie!

Crystal Horn

Hey there.  I was able to successfully insert your GIF into my file.  And the .PPSX, while not editable, played the GIF animation for me.  :/  

My example:

I would say get into a support case and our engineers can take a better look at why GIFs aren't working properly with your setup.  I'm sorry I can't reproduce on my end!

L. Cree

Woww that's pretty cool Crystal.

Yeah I only can get the animation to work once saved as a PPSX as you saw, but publishing it in Articulate just does not allow movement.

I even tried with a completely blank slide and published it with the gif as the only file on it, and nope no luck.

While waiting for answer to the support case maybe you could just give me some background on what you did, since you're the only hope i have on the subject. I can't find anything else about this type of glitch.

Like which version of powerpoint you use and what are the settings of the presenter player, etc. when you publish it.



Crystal Horn

Hello again Leslie!  Sure- I'm working in PowerPoint 2013 on Windows 10 using Parallels virtual machine software (since I'm on a MacBook).  I was able to both insert your GIF both by using the Insert > Picture tab in PowerPoint, and by dragging the file from file explorer onto the slide.

I'm attaching a video of the dragging was something that I picked up in the forums that I didn't know was possible!  Certain animated GIFs, and I don't know the technical explanation behind it, render better when dropped onto the slide rather than inserting them as a file.  

I left the Player properties as defaulted, and I published for Web including HTML5 with all the default settings intact.

L. Cree


Omg, I just tried the suggestion for the product support, it sounded too simple, but it works!

I've been working through the server at work, but then I tried the same by working off my C drive and whatbdo you think? It works, almost like a whole new world has opened up.

Now I have to make quick changes to my published e-learning before it gets used next...

Thanks for all you guys' help!