Giving inserted photos a professional look

Jun 22, 2014

Hi,  Presenter 13 user here. I need to insert a lot of photos into my courses, primarily different pieces of mining equipment/vehicles.  Does anyone have any suggestions on making the photo placement look professional?  I place a box around them and use Shape Styles and Shape Effects but they still look a bit amateur.  Any suggestions?

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Scott McLeod

Do you have any examples? I'm pretty good at getting a good layout/design going if I have the source in front of me and an idea of what's wanted... But to sum up my approach, you can do a lot if you have the ability to cut the graphics out in something like GiMP or Photoshop ahead of time and create a transparent PNG file.

Great tutorial here:

Otherwise, think of using cropping, negative space, or edges to show only part of the picture and make it appear like it's coming out of something like a folder or show up on a tablet or other work device?

Just a few random thoughts...

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