glitches in publishing from powerpoint

Jul 14, 2011

We are in the process of putting together a huge e-learning project of >200 15min presentations.  We received our first two presentations and both contained glitches when publishing from powerpoint to the web.  The first glitch has an animation that involves a color change.  The color never changes except at the border.  This animation plays perfectly in powerpoint.  In the second presentation, there are many equations written with microsoft words's equation editor and several of them show up as nonsense in the published version.  I need to communicate a fix to our developers before we receive the bulk of the project.  I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks So Much


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Brian Batt

Hi Ross and welcome to Heroes,

Articulate supports most PowerPoint animations, but not all of them.  Please see the link below for supported animations and see if your animation falls into the unsupported category:

In regards to the Equation Editor, you'll need to copy the equation text box, and paste it back into your presentation as an image (Home > Paste drop-down arrow > Picture).

Alternatively, use Microsoft Equation 3.0 in PowerPoint to create your equation (Insert > Object > Microsoft Equation 3.0).

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