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Patricia de Souza

I have just found a description of how to move the menu and glossary to the top bar - which gives me the selectable tabs (as required) however I noticed that when selected they open over the main slide window instead of to the side (in the side bar) is there a way of having the selectable tab, but in the side bar and not over the main slide window?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patricia! Not to function like you are thinking of with the top tabs. My thought was that if you had a sidebar anyway, displaying notes for instance, you could choose to display the notes by default on each slide. The users would then have to select the menu or glossary as they would be tabs behind the notes.

Patricia de Souza

Hi Leslie

I have just been playing with the various options and see what you mean!... Ideally I don't want anything shown in the side bar until the user clicks on the tab... I am guessing this is not possible!

if that's the case I will just leave the Menu and glossary in the top bar

Thanks for your assistance